About Me

Hey! I'm Christian Behler, indie game developer, freelance developer, and writer.

Inspired by early browser games, I started to learn programming after school. In the beginning, it was a lot of web development with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript, but after a while, I upgraded to C++ and got into game development with OpenGL.

During university, I was still programming in my free time and after I finished my master's degree in computer science and physics, I worked at the university for a while.

When I stopped working my university job and had to choose my next steps, I decided to try my luck and develop an indie game. I am using my own engine written in C++ and OpenGL and a low poly art style.

I have been blogging about my game development progress on this website, but in 2020 I discovered Medium and started to write about other topics as well. Writing has been a lot of fun and very rewarding and I am looking forward to improving my skills as a writer.

I also want to get into freelancing. As an experienced software and web developer with a university degree, there should be freelancing opportunities out there.

Get in touch with my contact form, per DM on Twitter, or send me an email to

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