Miscellaneous Links

Here is an incomplete list of random tools and projects I have created:

- Minecraft Stat Poker

A small project to play Minecraft Stat Poker online with an automatic stat finder and multiplayer lobbies:

- Ludum Dare

By now, I have completed 10+ Ludum Dare events, a game development competition where you have to create a game from scratch in 48 hours. Here is a link to my Ludum Dare profile with all games:

- ArtStation

Lately, I've had a lot of fun with 3D modeling and creating art in Blender. Here is a link to my ArtStation portfolio:
ArtStation only has a few images, there are a lot more on my Twitter, although slightly less sorted.

- Color Palette Creator

A simple tool to create limited color palettes, which are useful for pixel art or low poly modeling:

- Interactive Bitcoin Candlestick Chart

An interactive and live updating 5-minute candlestick chart of the Bitcoin value in EUR written in JavaScript with the Binance API for real-time Bitcoin data:

- Matrix Text Effect

With the new Matrix movie coming soon, I rewatched the old trilogy and wanted to implement the text effect in JavaScript:
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