GameDev Blogpost 47: Miscellaneous Item Updates

2 New Effects, UI Improvements, Bug Fixes

15.04.2020 - 21:35
This is the blogpost from the week march 8th to march 12th. After that I worked on Magpie (Magpie Blogpost) and other things and forgot that I still had notes for this blogpost. It doesn't make sense to include it in the next blogpost thematically, so I'm just going to post a few things in patch notes style.

Sunday 08.03

  • made a new texture for the building window that includes space for the equipment slots
  • made a texture for the equipment slot button

  • added a quantity to items, so the player can get multiple copies of an item e.g. 3 rusty daggers or 2 life potions
  • added multiplayer support for equipment items
  • fixed a bug where item buttons were disabled in the inventory even though the item was not equipped

Tuesday 10.03

  • made small icons for equipment and consumable items to differentiate between them in the inventory
  • added the icons to the items in the inventory to differentiate between them
  • added a few more equipment items
  • fixed a game crash when an item was forced to appear in the selection but did not exist
  • added an item hover to equipped items in the building window
  • fixed a bug that players other than the buildings owner were able to equip or unequip items
  • added a new "inaccurate" effect that can give towers a chance to miss an attack, for example a very strong hitting tower but it has 30% miss chance
  • With the "inaccurate" effect I just had to create this meme tower, which obviously won't be in the game in this form, but I am probably going to make a toned down version of it.

Wednesday 11.03

  • made 5 new item icons for 5 elemental rings
  • added the 5 new elemental rings that add +25 of their elemental damage when equipped
  • added the "focus" on hit effect that deal increasing damage with consecutive hits against the same target

  • made icons for multi attack and equipment slots in the building hover
  • started a staves church model in Blender

Thursday 12.03

  • more work on the staves church model, it's still not completely done though

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