Posts tagged with "JavaScript"

Ludum Dare 52 Post Mortem - Harvest

Creating a game in 48 hours by Christian - 11.01.2023

Ludum Dare 51 Post Mortem - Every 10 Seconds

Creating a complete game in less than 48 hours by Christian - 27.10.2022

Creating a Slider Captcha to Eliminate Spam

A simple JavaScript and PHP solution to prevent bots from sending contact requests by Christian - 06.06.2022

Ludum Dare 50 Post Mortem

Creating a game from scratch in 48 hours by Christian - 09.04.2022

Ludum Dare 49 Post-Mortem - Unstable

Creating a game completely from scratch in 48 hours by Christian - 06.10.2021

Creating a Euro Cup Betting Game Website

Betting the games with friends and family for extra incentive by Christian - 08.06.2021

Ludum Dare 48 Post-Mortem

Creating a game completely from scratch in 48 hours by Christian - 28.04.2021

Creating A Content Management System From Scratch

A full story about why I chose to create a CMS, the structure, SEO, the admin panel, themes, and more by Christian - 21.01.2021

Changelog December 2020

A complete overhaul of my website's backend by Christian - 31.12.2020

Ludum Dare 47 Post-Mortem

Looking back at the development process of my Ludum Dare game by Christian - 07.10.2020

Ludum Dare 46 Post Mortem

A short post mortem of my Ludum Dare 46 game by Christian - 21.04.2020

Magpie Analytics

my new analytics tool by Christian - 04.04.2020
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